Saturday, July 02, 2011

AXIS 2011: Sweet Motel Alabama

   So here I find myself out on the road for a month or so with some of the best crazies the Atlanta band scene has to offer. And I must say it's not too bad. We were lucky enough to play our first show of the tour at The Alabama Music Box in Mobile, AL courtesy of our homeboy Seth. The turnout was decent for a Wednesday night and we had a great time performing and hanging out, as we always do in Mobile. I would go so far to say that we brought so much funk to Mobile, the cops had to come out and see what was causing the commotion. The Axis did the damn thing as always.

I paged him 5 minutes ago, he should be here by now
The real fun came later that night when we realized we had chosen a Meth-Tel 6 as our motel for the evening. At first it seemed like a good idea. It was 2:30am, we were tired and it was the cheapest, by 2 dollars (Slappy ya cheap bastard). Our first warning should have been the police car stationed by there non-working pool, or perhaps the family of three with all their belongings inside of their car while they sat on the curb. I think the real giveaway that we were in Mobile's Meth Mecca, was the white man that approached the van while Slappy got the rooms. He walked right up on us like he did this shit all the time. You gotta remember we are 8 people in a 15 passenger van. He thought he had caught the big fish. He had all his identification out, I thought he was some type of security guard. But he was showing me certification badges for welding and his social security card. I live in East Atlanta and I am no stranger to "people in need" but this guy was hilarious. He pulled up next to our van in a pick-up truck and and then asked for money because he was out of gas. "Why don't you drive to the gas station and beg?" Is what I should have said, but it didn't come to me til just now. He followed with he had lost his job and his water heater was broke. "Why are you at the Motel 6 at 3:00am in the morning if you don't have a room here?" That also would have been a good question.To make a long story short, we told him no and Solomon guarded/slept in the van. The lesson learned here is, bring meth on the road for trade. Now off to Telluride, Colorado with a glorious 28 hour ride. See you there.

Ally and Smoove Lips

The Greenville Gangsta
Time to blow this methsicle stand

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