Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Clouds Are Better Than Ours

   We have been having a blast in Colorado these past few days. Big thanks to Telluride and everybody at the Llama who showed us so much love. We had a great crowd that helped us keep the whole street funky. This high altitude does take some getting use to, but while you're short of breath there is no shortness of beautiful scenery. There is so much amazing natural beauty everywhere, from the rivers to the mountains to the sky. One would just hope they appreciate it as much as we did. 

Denver was on another level. Gorgeous women, great friends and we smashed it as always. We played The 1515 in the middle of downtown and it was a lively night for all of us. Shout-out to Pete Freeman, SJ and Nick for coming out and funkin with us and all the hospitality. We must also say bid farewell to "Smoove Lips" for he left us in Denver to pursue other adventures. Plus a big "Wag of the Finger" to the drunk douche-bag that almost got Voltroned for not knowing who he was fucking with. But alas, we are a peaceful movement. See you next time Denver. We Love You All.

  What can I say about Vail, Colorado? This place was unreal all around. It looked like a city out of Epcot Center or a fake Hollywood town. But is was very real and very Funky. They came out in packs in Vail and showed that they had been starving for the Funk and the real Hip-Hop. The Samana Lounge looked great and the beautiful ski-resort hotel (The Lionhead) they put us in was practically empty and everyone treated us like the rock-stars we are. Special shout-out to the cab driver who had beer waiting for us on our way back to the hotel.